Wednesday, December 23, 2009

MorE ThaN WorDS

LiFe iS a pEn yoU caN CrOsS oUt YoUR pASt buT yoU CaN’T ErAsE iT.

ThE EasY PaRT is PrETenDiNG tO hATe yOu, tHe HaRD pARt is AdmiTtiNG i WiLL LovE YoU ForEvER

ThErE Are WoRst ThinGS tHAn LosING tHE pERSoN yOu LovE..ThAT’s WatcHinG tHeM FaLL iN LoVE WiTh SoMEoNE ElsE

YoU mIGHt ReGReT WhaT You DiD, But YoU’ll RegReT WhAT yoU DiDn’T Do EveN MoRE


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